1st June 2022


This month the Queen has been on the throne for 70 years, whilst we all probably have very differing views on Her Majesty and the monarchy there’s no denying that’s a massive deal! She’s seen 14 prime ministers and numerous changes throughout the country, and the world, and she’s been our consistent monarch. I’m sure most of you, like me, have no idea what it would be like to have a change of monarch, all the coins and stamps have to change, and if she dies whilst still on the throne the country goes in to mourning (what does that even mean, and how does that fit into a modern day Britain?) Anyway, let’s not be morbid, we’re celebrating her not mourning her!

I’ve done some research and have found some fun facts about the nation’s grandmother that I’d love to share with you, as she’s done some pretty awesome stuff and is actually a person, not just our head of state – sometimes that’s easy to forget when all you see is their public persona and have likely never met the person.

She had a 10 minute conversation with someone who broke into the Palace and entered into her bedroom in 1982 – I find this very interesting as she maybe didn’t feel threatened and wanted to find out what they wanted before dealing with the situation?

She drives without a licence and travels without a passport

Speaking of her driving, she took the Saudi King Abdullah for a drive in her Land Rover in 2003 – which was still a time when women were banned from driving in Saudi. I like to think this was a conscious choice made by her to make a point.

She drove a truck and trained as a mechanic during WWII – which is how she learned to drive.

She was the first female member of the royal family to join the military as a full time active member.

When she is gifted a rare animal, she donates it to London Zoo.

She was the first British monarch to celebrate a Diamond wedding anniversary.

She hosted Buckingham Palace’s first women only event “Women of Achievement” in 2004.

She isn’t required to pay taxes, but she has chosen to do so since 1993 – if she can pay taxes, why can’t big corporations?

She is partial to a cup of Earl Grey or Assam tea – although I think she can do better than the brand she is reported to drink!

If she stays on the throne for another 2 years she will be the longest reigning monarch ever! Whilst I don’t really care for the Royal Family, I would love to see her make this milestone – and it’ll mean knocking the French off the top spot, and who doesn’t love a bit of British/French rivalry.

However you decide to spend the Jubilee bank holiday weekend, I send you love, from my heart to yours.