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How long are your processing times?

I pride myself on getting orders out to you as fast as possible - sometimes even the same day! Usually, 1-2 days and it'll be lovingly packaged and on it's way to you.

How much will shipping cost?

UK Orders

£50+ orders get free delivery!

Royal Mail Tracked 24 - £3.50

Royal Mail Tracked 48 - £3.00

International Orders - calculated at checkout

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, I happily post internationally.

I live locally, do I still have to pay postage?

No, if you live in the Thanet area, or are visiting, just choose the 'Free Local Pickup' option to save on postage and you'll receive email you to arrange a collection day/time.

Can I pre-order and collect from you at a market?

Yes, absolutely! As above, just place your order and choose 'Free Local Pickup' and be sure to add a note before checking out. Use the box to 'add a note to your order' at the bottom of the shopping cart, just put which market you'd like to collect from and I'll have it all ready in a bag for you to collect.

My Order

How can I cancel my order?

Please send a message through the contact page ASAP to cancel the order before it is processed and dispatched.

What if I receive the wrong product?

Please send us a message through the contact page and we will rectify the issue ASAP for you.

Do you offer exchanges for faulty items?

If there is an issue with your order please message us through the contact page and we can discuss your options.

The Tea

How long do your teas last?

When blended and bagged, all teas have a 'Best Before' date with a year on them. As with herbs and spices, they will not go off after this time, but they will not be as fresh and some of the flavours may not be as strong. To accommodate this, there are a variety of different sizes available for each blend so you can choose which size depending on your tea drinking habits.

Are your teas organic?

Whilst many of the ingredients used in recipes are organic, they are not certified as such. If you would like any specific information on any ingredients please do send me a message.

Are your teas Fairtrade?

All Camellia Sinensis (the tea plant) are traded at above the Fairtrade minimum, the wholesale companies I work with ensure each tea estate adhere to very strict payment and welfare standards. But the teas are not certified as Fairtrade. If you have any specific questions or would like further information please just send me a message.

I'd like to blend my own teas but I'm scared.

This is a question/comment I get a lot at markets when people are looking in the 'Botanicals' basket. My advice is to never be afraid, if you know what flavour profiles you enjoy, start from there - that's what I did! Nothing is going to harm you (although do be aware of medications and interactions etc), if you don't like it then adjust it for next time. Tea blending is a form of expression and you're never going to create a recipe and it be perfect first time (or very very rarely anyway) but the fun is in the process and learning what you do and don't like and working from there.

Are your teas vegan?

Yes, all of our teas are 100% vegan!

Allergen Information

Whilst our working environment is free of all major allergens (nuts, dairy, soy, sesame, gluten, etc) there is a cross contamination risk that comes from some of our suppliers. If you have any specific concerns, please contact us to discuss directly.

Are your teabags biodegradable?

Our teabags are made using SOILON which is a plant based starch material that is 100% plastic free. It needs a high temperature to decompose so if you have access to industrial composting (such as council collections) they will reach the correct temperatures to break down in 8-12 weeks. Whilst they will decompose in home composts, they are likely to take significantly longer as they do not reach such high temperatures.

How do I dispose of the kraft bags?

We're pleased to say that our retail bags are 100% plastic free. They are compostable in commercial facilities which reach a high enough temperature. Whilst they will decompose in home composts, they are likely to take significantly longer as they do not reach such high temperatures.