About Us

Chai Wallah Margate is based in Margate, Kent.

Specialising in beautiful and delicious teas designed to create a comprehensive tea drinking experience. A wide variety of blends, whether you love something a little unusual, or prefer the classics, there’s always something you’ll love.

Our passion for chai and India inspires a collection that blends tradition with modern innovation. We echo the rich history of tea through our packaging, designed to resemble the timeless crates and chests used for centuries. Inside, discover a world of unique and contemporary teas, lovingly handcrafted to ensure every sip is a delightful experience.

We’re always on hand to help and guide you through our blends, please do get in touch if you have any questions. It’s important to us you find something you love.

Treat Yourself

To A Nice Cup of Tea

Inspired by the Slow Food Movement, I propose a "Slow Tea" approach. Unlike the fast-paced world, slow tea encourages mindful brewing. Listen to the kettle's evolving gurgle, savor the act of spooning loose leaves, and appreciate the aroma as it steeps. Whether alone or with company, take a moment to connect with yourself and your beverage. Reflect on your day, and if sharing, connect with your companion.

It Pays To Buy Good Tea