Anyone else melting in this heat?

With temperatures reaching 30°C in the UK this week it’s when us Brits realise that we’re not actually that good at dealing with high temperatures. We like to think we are but with no air conditioning and most people not even having fans it can be difficult to stay cool. But I’ve got just the thing, cold brew tea.

You’ve probably heard of iced tea, that overly sweet American drink that has very little resemblance to actual tea. Well cold brew is almost the exact opposite (apart from the fact it’s still cold tea…)

It’s basically exactly what it says, tea brewed from cold. Unlike iced tea which is brewed using hot water, then sugar added to bring out the flavours, cold brew allows the water to slowly infuse and release all the deliciousness, with no need to add any sugar. This means it’s a great alternative to a squash or a cordial, and is pure hydration with absolutely no nonsense added.

And the good news is, it’s really easy to make! This is how I do it anyway, I’m sure there are lots of different recipes out there. I simply use 3 tsp of leaves to 1 litre of cold water and leave it in the fridge overnight for 24 hours. Herbal blends can be brewed for a lot longer as they don’t have the tannins that caffeinated teas do which can make them bitter, so I recommend the shorter brewing time for these. I personally love lighter teas such as white, oolong and green as the more delicate flavours are lovely and refreshing.

Fruit teas are a lot sweeter and tend to be firm favourites – Tropical Punch, Pink Grapefruit and English Garden are great options. But as will all teas, it’s about finding what works for you!

If you don’t have a fancy brewing bottle, don’t worry, a jar, jug or wide necked bottle work perfectly well and are easy to clean afterwards. When you’re ready to drink, simply pour through a strainer into a glass over ice and enjoy being hydrated and refreshed.

You can also freeze the brew into lollies, even add a little fruit and they’re a great treat for children.